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Ciao! I'm Alessio and I am the Users First's host

About Alessio

I am a UX Designer in my mid 20's, who has been travelling the world while working remotely

Starting out wasn't easy, and after months of studies, reading books and networking, I landed my first role in UX and decided to open a podcast so I could grow my network and keep learning.

Since my first role, I have been handling my career triumphantly, learning from the smartest people in the field, and giving that knowledge back to my audience. While I have been inspiring thousands of designers through my podcast, I had the privilege to assist new UX Designers in landing their first job and see them break into the field.

My goal is to help you realize your dream of working in tech! Let's get you a job now!

The higher the levels, the higher the rewards!

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What the podcast teaches

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🧠 Become a confident designer in a Lean space

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How to nail a UX interview at Linkedin

Kristine Yuen, Senior Design Manager at Linkedin, takes us through the interview steps at Linkedin and shares how you can successfully overcome their design challenges.

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How to land your first UX role with recruiters help

Asking Joe Cahill, a product design manager with over 20 years of experience, how you can successfully land your first UX role with the help of recruiters in 2022.

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How to start learning UX

Jered Odegard, career mentor, leadership coach (CPCC, ACC) and former Head of Product Design at RedFin and Expedia, comes to the show to talk about ways that you can learn UX in 2022.

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